Sewer Jetter Safety

Sewer Jetter Safety

Safe operation of a pressure washer sewer jetter attachment starts with reading and following your pressure washer safety instructions, but it doesn’t end there.

When using a sewer jetter it’s doubly important to comply with pressure washer manufacturers’ recommendations to wear thick, fluid-resistant work gloves and eye protection. That’s because:

  • Sewer jetters operate inside dirty drains where potentially harmful bacteria reside.
  • Sewer jetter nozzles are attached to a flexible hose and so can’t be reliably aimed or controlled if accidentally operated outside of a drain pipe.

Beyond the common-sense precautions of wearing fluid-resistant work gloves and eye protection, there are additional steps needed to operate your jetter safely.

  • Do not start the flow of water until the sewer jetter nozzle is more than a foot inside the cleanout opening to avoid being injured by the high-pressure water stream.
  • When removing the sewer jetter from the drain after the job, use care to stop the flow of water long before the nozzle reaches the cleanout opening.
  • Use sewer jetters only in well-ventilated areas and avoid breathing spray mist from dirty drain pipes.
  • Don’t use a sewer jetter in pipes that contain chemical cleaners to avoid burns from the caustic fluid.

If you buy a good-quality, ready-to-use sewer jetter you’ll find a summary of important safety information inside the package.

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