Should I Build a Sewer Jetter, or Buy a Manufactured One?

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects you could find great satisfaction in building a powerful, time-saving sewer jetter with your own hands.

The parts to build a good quality sewer jetter are available online, as we’ll show in this article. You’ll also find articles to help you choose the right components in the Sewer Jet Tech section of this website.

Can you save money by building your own sewer jetter instead of buying a manufactured one? Not necessarily, as we’ll discuss here.

Shopping for a Manufactured Jetter

Shopping online for a fully assembled sewer jetter can get a working solution in your hands faster than buying and assembling parts from several different suppliers. Manufactured jetters that are matched to your type of pressure washer also offer the assurance of an efficient cleaning solution.

Jetter manufacturers benefit from considerable buying power, so you can often buy a quality, ready-to-use jetter for less than the retail cost of component parts.

For example, the total cost to buy a 100 ft. Clog Hog sewer jetter ranges from $129 to $149. This compares favorably to the cost of buying individual component parts, as we’ll discuss below.

Some sewer jetter manufacturers also provide a money-back warranty so you’ll be assured of getting what you pay for.

Building a Sewer Jetter Yourself

Sewer Jetter Hose and Nozzle

If you choose to build a sewer jetter start with good-quality, properly sized components. As discussed in our article about choosing the right sewer jetter nozzle, paying a few dollars more for a name-brand, US or German-made nozzle can give you improved cleaning power and a longer service life.

And, our article about choosing the right sewer jetter hose explains why you should avoid 1/8″ ID jetter hose to prevent damaging your pressure washer.

Online sources for sewer jetter components are listed below. Some of these suppliers sell both good-quality, name-brand components and low-cost generic alternatives. The price ranges shown are for name-brand, US or German-made parts needed to build a 100 ft. sewer jetter that works with a residential gas or electric pressure washer.

Sewer Jetter Hose, US-made (prices range from $108 to $182, including US shipping)

Jet Nozzle, US or German-made (prices range from $19 to $39, including US shipping)

Adapter Coupling for Trigger Gun or Wand (prices range from $9 to $27 including US shipping)

The total cost to buy parts from these suppliers to build a good-quality, 100 ft. sewer jetter ranges from $136 to $248, including typical US shipping charges. This means that if you comparison shop you can build a good-quality sewer jetter for about the same price as buying a ready-to-use, manufactured unit.

When shopping for sewer jetter parts online, confirm the brand name and origin of your components before you buy.

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